Coffey & Tea — Strong Advice from the Managing Director

Meg Coffey

Leading Ladies spoke to Perth’s happiest Texan and managing director of Coffey & Tea, Meg Coffey. With a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and passion, Meg’s marketing, individual business development solutions and social media expertise is second to none. Meg’s distinctive brand of marketing and business development and her reputation as a heavy hitter in the corporate hospitality world has been hard won; she says it’s her ‘ability to talk, to make you believe, and to believe in me. I’ve never been referred to as quiet.’ Meg has worked with some of the best venues in Perth; she helped establish one of Perth’s first inner city bars and restaurant, The George, and as the marketing manager, launched the prestigious Terrace Hotel. In 2011 she was instrumental in guiding WA’s portion of the HostPlus Cook for Your Career national campaign — a model which is still used today. Meg is the founder of SMPerth, Perth’s premier networking group for social media and digital marketers. AND, if that wasn’t enough she also currently has a fortnightly segment on 6PR covering the latest trends in social media. Here are a few of things that Meg had to say when we caught up with her!

How has social or digital media contributed to your success?

I run a social media marketing consultancy so social & digital are what we do… that’s the field that makes us successful. I’ve always been into computers and an early adopter of technology.

Do you ever struggle with maintaining, updating, and creating content on social media and other online platforms? If so, how do you overcome these struggles?

It’s a constant struggle. There is simply not enough time in the day to manage it all sometimes. It is very important to be organized and plan ahead. Planning is just as important as creating and the key to success.

Do you have any tips to avoiding having major mishaps on social and digital platforms?

Pay attention. Don’t do it when you’re tired or intoxicated — you’d think that is common sense but sadly it’s not. Be honest and authentic… then when and if you do make a mistake, you’re much more likely to be forgiven as it’s not your normal way. Understand your platforms. Don’t just post to post. Research. If your gut even hints at something not being right, don’t do it.

What is the most valuable lesson you learnt from a project?

Be authentic. Do it right the first time because there is no going back once you’ve published!

Are there any companies or individuals in business you consider influential in terms of their online presence? (Who do you think does social media well?)

All of my clients of course!! Other than them, I really like what Tropico North Beach is doing with Instagram. I think that Tourism Australia are really the industry leaders in digital & tourism. Jesse Desjardins and his team are definitely someone I look up to.

What is your #1 tip for other women entering into the world of social and digital media?

Be authentic.

Thanks Meg!

You can keep up to date with Meg via her company Coffey and Tea at:

Twitter: @coffey_tea

Instagram: coffeyandtea

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