What is Straight Talk?

When we think of Straight Talk, we think of speaking candidly and openly. We imagine a world where everyone takes responsibility for clear, honest, and open communication. Straight Talk is aimed at building such a world. It is aimed at building a world of competent communicators.

Surveys regularly show communication to be the biggest barrier to successful relationships, whether with your spouse, children, friends or colleagues. Yet few people know how to get a handle on this issue. Health and happiness can only be strengthened by getting to the root of the problem — giving people advanced tools to communicate more directly and effectively.

This is not a simple matter of being more articulate.

It means becoming aware of our patterns of communication — and the traps and pitfalls that we lead ourselves into.

Three Key Messages of Straight Talk

  • People assume they’re good communicators when in fact they’re not. In fact, most people never take a course in interpersonal communication or learn the basic skills. Instead, they assume they’re doing it well because they’ve been communicating all their lives.
  • We each have a particular style, and this style influences all of our communication and decision making. There are four different ways of seeing the world, and most people only use one. Without understanding all four, your ability to communicate is compromised.
  • The better communicator you are, the more happy, successful and healthy you will be.

The Research

Research has shown that people have four different ways of seeing the world and thus four different ways of communicating and relating. Each style has its own approach to leadership, problem solving, decision making, management, and conflict resolution. Armed with an understanding of these styles, people can improve their interactions very quickly.

The Straight Talk® book details techniques for improving communication, cutting through conflict, and creating successful organizations.

The Straight Talk® survey will provide insight into your style of communication and how you can communicate more effectively. This opens the door to an entirely new kind of organizational culture where people are more successful in their communications. It is absolutely free.

The Workshops

Our experts develop customized Straight Talk® workshops for any organization. Workshops can be crafted to focus on communication styles, managing decisions, or resolving conflicts.

Lesson 2: What It Means To Be A Competent Communicator