May 2017 Lead With Intention® Millennial Spotlight

As we focus this month on celebrating Mompreneurs and supporting the spirit of innovation, I’m excited to feature Ashley Meyer in this month’s Millennial Spotlight podcast. Ashley is a practicing attorney, former professional organizer and mother of two active boys! In this episode, she focuses on how she turned one idea for connection among Mompreneurs into a viral phenomenon that allows woman to share their passions and support each other’s businesses.

In this Millennial Spotlight, Ashley shares how…

  • Successful entrepreneurs focus on these three essential qualities
  • Connection is essential to developing strong networks as an entrepreneur
  • The entrepreneurial journey is unique to your story and vision
  • Your business needs time and space to be cultivated fully
  • Trying to “do it all” gets in the way of your success and results in overwhelm
  • To re-evaluate your vision so it serves your business and your life
  • To live and lead from a place of joy and passion in your work

You can also access the entire collection of Millennial Spotlight podcasts, including past episodes, by clicking here for the podcast on iTunes, here for audio (MP3) or here for video (MP4).

Ashley’s Favorite Resources

More About Ashley

Ashley Meyer is a fiery redhead with the passion to back up her fire! She lives for supporting others and driving a sense of community and support. As a former professional organizer and now practicing attorney, Ashley knows the value in detailed and deep connection. When she became a mom, the “type-A, do-it-yourself” personality she’d always been accustomed to didn’t always work. Life and business had to be restructured.

Now a wife, mom-of-two, and a business owner, she spends her time loving on her family, practicing law, pouring into other Mompreneurs, and making every day better than the last. Ashley is a small-business enthusiast, investor, speaker, connector, and a passionate relationship builder.

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Be the Revolution,

Leslie Bosserman, M.Ed., CPCC

Executive Coach + Lifestyle Strategist for Millennial Leaders + Managers

Originally published at on May 15, 2017.

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More About Leslie

Leslie M. Bosserman, M.Ed., CPCC, is an Executive Coach + Lifestyle Strategist designing customized leadership solutions for Millennial Leaders and their Managers. With a background in strengths-based leadership development and applied positive psychology, she runs a multi-disciplinary practice called Lead With Intention where she coaches, trains, and consults with clients around the world.

Leslie works with a variety of clients ranging from top executives at worldwide corporations to creative entrepreneurs and non-profit teams. She is an avid artist who also enjoys traveling, karaoke, cooking ethnic food, writing in local coffee shops, and practicing yoga.

Leslie lives in Northern California and travels internationally for coaching, organizational trainings, and retreat facilitation. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Medium or send her an email at to learn how to partner together.