Not really sure how I started the idea of this to begin with. Maybe it was just like when I wanted to “build a website”. Anyways, I “blogged” for a bit last summer, but that soon ended. I suppose once a day is just really not my thing. I mean for me it doesn’t seem like there is much to talk about.

Well I thought about why others blog and I came up with a few reasons

  1. Money

Have to buy food somehow, and I suppose writing for a living isn’t all a bad way accomplishing that. But this obviously doesn’t apply to the blogs of me or my peers

2. Social Impact

Well I hear this quite a bit as why people might start a blog, or really partake in any written media. This tends to coincide with some form of multiplication as in indication of how many people one might influence. Then maybe a mention of the butterfly effect. This has never been a very strong persuasive factor personally. In an ideal world this may hold more weight. However, people tend to be forgetful and although they may be influenced unconsciously, the overall impact is rather hard to impact, and indeed may be negligible to begin with. Also doesn’t work for me because I write this for myself, and I intend to keep the readership to one.

3. Reaching out

Seems dubious. If one cared enough about them, surely they could further their contact face to face. Although I suppose that could be difficult due to time or distance restraints, but perhaps sometimes it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie. I can see why others might utilize blogging for this purpose, but this is definitely not for me.

4. Have your say

Eh, don’t see how this is relevant because once again, no one reads this. Probably won’t stop me from posting other stuff anyways though.

5. To brag about having a blog

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