The Reason Why There’s No Diversity in Tech
Kathryn Finney

This was a great read! Of course as a Black man, we face many of the same obstacles in the tech field. I find that I must go the extra mile to appear as non-threatening as possible when job seeking and in the work environment. Heck and I’m a clean cut ex-military guy. But the one thing that really hit home with me was the “our value is constantly questioned.” I can’t count the experiences that I have had when I walk through the door at interviews etc, and I’m immediately dismissed. My name ( can’t peg my ethnicity by it ) and resume gets me in the door, but many times my complexion would sealed my fate before I would even have a seat. And it is exhausting!!! And sometimes painfully to watch as ideas, businesses, inventions, etc are delayed and often denied, because they weren’t conceived by an individual of the “right” gender or race. The struggle is so real… but we press on.