A moment 20.05 06.07.16

I’m calling my friend to ask her to help another friend. Affairs of the heart. The day is warm and the pavement is fresh after the stale office. Men in bars watching football. The way familiar, passing by unnoticed. I take off one earring. It’s clanking against the handset pressed to my head.

My words run on faster than my feet which sway, unattended, like a drunk, lurching me across junctions and through back alleys.

A conversation started for a friend that has instead become a torrent of my fears and doubts, my insecurities and worries. Held back and repressed, avoided and left unspoken for too long they pour forth in a tsunami crashing against ineffectual moments of self-awareness till eventually they lie, exhausted, supine in the face of unconditional friendship.

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