Being your own marketing manager

These days, being your own marketing manager is as important as maintaining your job or business (in case you are self employed). Considering the job crisis in the US and Europe, it is not easy to stay relevant in your field, especially if you are competing with professionals who are more senior than you but are willing to accept less salary due to the economical hardship.
This exactly happened to a very dear friend of mine. She was outbid by someone way more senior (as in the job title) and was hired for not for the right reasons. The competitor was a woman in her 50s who was some sort of VP at the previous job. My friend’s outbidder was desperate to find a job and was willing to start working for a yearly salary a teacher would get.

I am not going to get into the immorality of the company for hiring someone at a discount price but would rather point out that you need to stay relevant in your field.

You can do so, if you publish articles and blog posts. You don’t necessarily need to run your own blog (though it would help), but showing internet presence does impress!

There is an impact if you have a follower — and readership and are continuously publishing articles. It shows not only consistency but also it makes you more desirable.

You may do so on a voluntarily base at external forums such as LinkedIn, but don’t shy away to search for think tanks, news and blog platforms specializing in your field to get yourself out there. If you get your name out on one of those channels, it is much harder to say to no to you when you apply for a job (not mentioning the respect you earn at your current job).

About Leah Grantz

Leah Grantz is Community Manager and UGC Editor at Forex Magnates.

If you are from the Finance World and want to stay relevant with starting publishing your own articles, get in touch with her directly:

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