2 Tips To Start Your Day For Maximum Fat Loss

Last week my boyfriend started his body transformation. He’s been in the industry for 20+ yrs, has clients on the Mr Olympia stage and is an IFBB Pro … so I think it’s fair to say he knows his stuff.

Getting back to the story …

As I watched him begin his day, I was reminded of 2 little tricks that can help maximise fat loss. And I immediately thought I MUST tell you because they’re SO easy it’s crazy not to test drive them.

So here goes …

On rising, and on a fasted stomach, take your greens and if you’ve got them some amino’s and glutamine.

The digestive enzymes in the greens will promote a healthy gut and aid fat breakdown. And the grasses and algae will help cleanse your body of toxins and prime your digestive tract well before the day’s food goes in.

The amino’s and glutamine will help protect the muscle tissue before you do the fasted cardio below.

Fasted cardio is a well proven, old-school method of promoting fat loss — alongside a proper diet, supplementation and weight training of course!

The scientific theory is that doing cardio before eating, first thing in the morning is when your muscle glycogen levels are at their lowest. Therefore, your body will access it’s fat stores sooner for fuel.

Strictly speaking, you’ll be doing cardio in a semi-fasted state because of the greens intake above, but it’s negligible and still uber effective.

Regarding types of cardio, frequency and duration this depends on the individual, their lifestyle, goals, and available time. One thing I will say is to take baby steps and don’t go cardio mad. You can always up and down your cardio accordingly based on your progress. But if you go all out too soon then it can become very difficult to make your cardio progressive if you hit a plateau.

In my experience, these 2 tips are effective, but it depends on the individual. So give it a try and let me know how you get on in the comments section below.

I’m going to share soon another bonus tip you can do during the day before training. I promise your going to LOVE it as again it’s simple and involves coffee!!! So stay tuned.

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Love Alexandra x

Originally published at espressoconverdi.com on February 19, 2016.