We believe entrepreneurism is spread evenly across the population. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be representative of our entire community. If entrepreneurism was based solely on ability, you would already see this representation happening. However, ability is not enough. Opportunity is the key to becoming an entrepreneur. We must expand this opportunity throughout our entire community.

Opportunity: Create San Diego NEXT

One extremely important missing piece of this puzzle is a physical space. A single place where we can harness the development of entrepreneurism in our community. This is the place where everyone knows to direct someone who is ready to explore what’s next. Designers, developers, entrepreneurs, founders, community members, visitors, guests… this is the place to go to find out what’s NEXT. The active space creates opportunity for collisions, connections, and new relationships. Individuals will be engaged in ways not currently possible and will have access to opportunities that are currently unimaginable. The space will be a resource center, active learning space, community welcome center, and skills development environment. …

{OPENING THOUGHT: This post was the first San Diego nExT post I wrote back on February 21, 2016. Obviously it’s taken me way too long to get these out and many things have changed since then. Just keep this in mind as you read through the post. We’ve come a long way in the past year.}

n Entrepreneurs x Technology = Startup Ecosystem

How can we get this done? San Diego nExT- A catalyst organization that works with other active groups to foster the growth of the entrepreneurial spirit in San Diego. We can maximize the impact by coordinating efforts with groups like Seed San Diego, San Diego Venture Group, UC San Diego, Easel Fund, Connect, EvoNexus, Startup Leadership Program and Startup San Diego. This will catalyze the rest of the ecosystem and provide opportunities for others to get involve in whatever way that’s most meaningful to them. …

We need to be bold and make the unimaginable a reality. The scope will focus on what could happen in the next 20 years and making it happen in the next 5. The concepts need to be audacious and story worthy. How can our community work together to become San Diego Next?

We have all the elements required to create the next great age.
Platform, Sensors, Data collection, Information generation, Knowledge creation, Wisdom

These concepts apply to everything from Medical Devices, Robotics, Nanotech, Internet of Everything, Genomics, Cyber Security and everything Big Data. San Diego has an amazing set of existing infrastructure to utilize as a launch platform for what’s to come. However, we must do a better job of working together to accelerate the growth. If the current course continues of each industry remaining siloed, growth will be slowed due to redundant resources use to discover the same results. …


Andy White

Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Learner, Doer, Connector. Building the future @CityAsAStartup.

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