4 Major Keys to getting a good night sleep

Sleep is often the most over looked aspect of Health & Fitness. When someone is looking to improve the quaity of their lives, generally tyhe focus on Exercise & MAYBE food!

Sleep comes last for most, but it should actually come first! If your Sleep is on point then your ability to complete the training sessions not only increases but your actual standard instelf rockets! And as for the ticking to nutrition, there have been stufies which link POOR eating choices and habits to lack of Good Quality sleep. So if your eating well your less likely to eat crap and more likely to stay on point… But discipline is a whole other ball game!

Here are your 4 Actionable Tips on How To Get Better Sleep NOW!

Put the phone away. How many times have you found yourself just aimlesly flicking though your social channels… and all of a sudden your deep deep down the rabbit hole of Youtube Videos on How to grown your own Avocado tree… That LIGHT thats shining in your eyes is going to greatly reduce the hours of quality sleep your going to get

Go To Bed At The Same Time Everyday. I know your not a baby but you need to start looking at your sleep patterns like you are one! You need structure. If your bidy is used to going to bed at lets say 10pm then its going to naturally tell you go GO TO BED come 8.30pm’ish! Structure means Success. And When it comes to your sleep you need something consistent to work with.

No Coffee after 2pm. Im sorry I have to tell you this… I know its going to hurt your feeling. Especially when coffee in 2017 seems more important than Water & Air. That caffine your consuming at 4pm/5pm/6pm is KEEPING YOU AWAKE at night! Your heart and brain and all the organs in your body are still dealling with your Venti Latte you had with the girls! You want good sleep? Go Decaf after 2pm or Go without!

EXERCISE. Bet you didnt see that coming! Exercise! Get the body moving! Use up some of the energy you have been consuming all day! Go use it in your local gym/bootcamp of home HIIT workout. Just MOVE. Your going to feel great, and chances are that if you feel grreat your going to get a better amount of sleep that night. I know I do and my clients :)

There are 4 insanely easy to implement keys in order to BOOST the quality of your sleep! Sleep is so paramount for human health / performance that to neglect it while busting your ass in the gym and other areas of your life is just silly carry on!

Give thiese tips a go and let me know how you get in!


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