So you have been flat out training for the last 3–4 weeks. Hitting the gym 3–5 session per week and making sure to stay on point with the nutrition. 
 You have even cut down the Double Vodkas and Kebabs to a minimum! In all senses of the fitness game, your KILLING it! 
 The clothes are feeling looser, maybe even gone and fit into your old small sized jeans!
 The missus/hubby is giving you a few cheeky winks when you get out the shower and your starting to see the difference transcend into your life in every way possible

The energy levels are through the roof. you’re no longer sitting in on the weekend and rolling out of bed at 1pm on a Sunday. 
 You have Well and Truly changed your lifestyle! 
 You still go back to the scales and see 1 pound drop or 1 pound gain and forget about all the other positives I have listed among the others you have experienced and seen before your eyes. 
 Don’t worry its not your fault. You are bombarded left right and centre that WEIGHT IS GOSPEL! Think about it, your local community centre, they have a “Weight Loss Club” Your favourite magazine has 3–4 headlines/titles on the cover talking about “weight” “slimming” “drop” 
 Nobody speaks or promotes the FEELINGS. Go straight for the WEIGHT! So its not your fault, we as a nation have been conditioned to rely on the “sad step” as a barometer of success! 
 That is not the whole story to your journey! My weight has fluctuated by 10 pounds in the last 7 days. From 189 pounds down to 179. All over the place. If I was to focus on weight I would be feel overwhelmed and pissed off! And no doubt hit up a Ben & Jerry’s to feel better about myself (yes is used to do that) 
 So what should you focus on instead?

  • MENTAL & PHYSICAL STRENGTH / That itty bitty weight which used to be a struggle is now easy and you have moved onto the heavier weight
  • FEELING / Your level of happiness goes up which is already more important than a number on a scale
  • CONFIDENCE / Walking around assured that you are taking charge of your life & health
  • FITNESS LEVELS / No longer left panting for air and grasping the wall after 10 squats
  • CLOTHES / Feeling looser, fitting better, maybe have to buy new ones
  • SLEEP / Getting a solid unbroken sleep regime in and waking up FRESH
  • ENERGY LEVELS / Feeling like you can keep going all day and run around with your kids in the park

All of the above points are WAY better barometers for success! A bonus one for you to add in would be PHOTOS… Now calm down I know that may be a bit of a stretch for where you are right now, but trust me your body will change through all the work you’re doing and come 12 weeks you will be angry you didn’t tale a pic to compare the person you were vs the awesome person who you are now! 
 So chuck that weighing scales away and never look back! 
 Remember LEAN WITH DEAN isn’t a reference to being “shredded” its about having a Life Experienced Above Normal…

And the Weighing scales isn’t apart of a life like that!


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