Your Smile is Your Logo

Your Smile is Your Logo

I came across this quote from Jay Danzie which really pressed my buttons..

I am always smiling.. just ask anyone..

at the end of every post, email or anything I write

I end with a :-)

is it professional?

maybe not in some people’s eyes,

but too bad..

I am who I am..

It made me think about the significance of a smile in our business world..

Smiles are often forgotten — business is after all… serious..

especially on professional platforms like LinkedIn!

How often have you received an invite to connect on LinkedIn..

glanced at someone’s photo & based on that

instantly made a choice whether to connect..

or NOT…

What if they don’t have a photo at all…

OMG do you connect with them — they could be fake!

I receive invitations from people that have a poor quality photo or worse, no photo at all!

What do I do..

I connect with them!

I figure most don’t know the importance of a good photo or good profile

But not everyone shares my view…

that’s too bad…

I haven’t suffered any ill effects from it!

So many forget that even in business a smile goes a long way

it builds the foundation of trust..

So if your personality is your business card

be bold & reflect it in all aspects of your online presence.

Amazing opportunities are created through simply doing business with a smile & showing your true personality..

how many opportunities are missed by forgetting these simple things?

A smile is free….

Your personality is unique to you…

What is its’ true value?


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