Are you driving change or are you being driven by it?

Digital transformations have become a hard pill to swallow for some huge, slow-moving enterprises. So why are these disruptions and shifts so crucial? To start, I think we must consider the real definition of what digital transformation is. By doing so we need to define the true meaning of digital and transformation. Let’s look at digital as being the pace of change rapidly occurring in today’s world driven by the quick adoptions of technology. This puts existing organizations under a lot of pressure. Why? In many cases, not being able to adopt and adapt to new technologies quick enough can lead to irrelevance. Some companies see the need for these adoptions and some do not…

Because of the recent and rapid embracement of technology by many companies (they say every company is a technology company these days), the way customers interact and engage is changing the operating system of our lives. The biggest mistake that many organizations are making in this movement is digitizing existing services and calling it a digital transformation. But that is not necessarily correct.

So then, what is digital transformation? Digital transformation is the path of strategic, planned, organizational change. This is kicked off by enabling and supporting teams with new design to create highly responsible, data driven, strategy and incorporate a new culture of innovation. With the correct mindset and leadership, one can expect to create the highest performing, innovative organization.

What is your organization doing in these transformational times to stay ahead of the game?