How YouTubers actually make money ?

Believe it or not the internet is the new full time work place for many. From the freelance programmers to the blog writers. Internet is giving people opportunity to earn money doing work they love. Blogging, Programming, Designing, E-commerce, App Installing? and what not!

Along with the rest of the Internet things there is this a really interesting platform out there. It’s hard to find anyone who uses internet and doesn’t knows about YouTube. As the great source of entertainment YouTube is another great platform for people to work. Which not only allows us to showcase your talents but to get enough amount of revenue for it.

You got a skill? Doesn’t matter it’s singing or commenting on political activities. YouTube is there for you. Most people are curious that how these different people with different backgrounds earn with YouTube. If you explore randomly over the YouTube you’ll find that there are channels which do weird stuff. And that makes us think that how exactly they may have earning money? Well these are not the well kept secrets but still for the curiosity here are few ways:

YouTube Ads:

Well not a secret at all. But for the curiosity this the most common way which allows you to make money with YouTube. These ads are shown by the YouTube on the people’s videos. And channel owners make revenue with then whenever someone clicks those ads. There are slight incomes with the impressions which are nothing but the display of the ads. But not enough to be counted.


This is not as common as the ads. The reason behind this is it’s hard to find a sponsorship. Suppose you are having huge number of followers on YouTube who regularly watch your videos. Then you can contact some brands or advertising agencies for sponsorship. Sponsorship includes but not limited to physical product promotions only. You may showcase different kind of services or media stuff depending upon your channel niche.

As of the most famous ones the comedy channels are considered they mostly promote the media and e-commerce stuff.

Fame is the thing:

Well some of them may disagree with this but it’s a great way. Suppose you got an YouTube channel and you slowly started getting attention. At one point you became really well known YouTuber which makes you a celebrity. Then you are ready to use your fame to make money. Weather its by promoting other YouTube channels or doing guest appearances at events it all works. And as someone whom I don’t know or maybe I said:

You got the fame? Well, you got the fame!

The cool thing about YouTube is that you can get attention and maybe that too in a single night! Nothing’s more exciting than seeing your YouTube video trending. It’s one of the most coolest professions after paragliding assistance and juggling.

Originally published at on June 12, 2016.

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