We are hosting a ‘Free Workshop on Ruby on Rails’ by our expert Mr. Suraj Kumar Adhikari ( Director of Engineer at Zoyaba Labs Pvt. Ltd) on January 27, 2016. Timing for the event is from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.

Our ‘Mean Stack’ Mentor — Suraj Kumar Adhikari

Suraj Adhikari started his career as a PHP Developer. He is now working as a Director of Engineer at Zyoba Labs Pvt. Ltd.

This workshop is for those who are interested to get a thorough overview of

*Mongo DB
*Express Framework
*Angular JS
*Node JS and various JS Technologies.

We are only taking 30 students for this event.

So, if you are interested to get facilitated by our expert for one good hour, you can register by mailing to us at or call us at 016922971.