Welcome to $PCC

Getting Started:

  1. Register for Discord account. Join our server. (LINK)
  2. Sign up for an account with Roll.com (LINK)
  3. Within Discord, connect your wallet to Collabland Bot. (#collabland-join)
  4. This will start your journey as a member of the community.

Why should I?

  • 1 PCC = Level One: access to algorithm bots + market insight + educational resources to get you started..
  • 100 PCC = Level Two: elaborate trader tracker + custom indicators.
  • 1 000 PCC = Level Three: resource repository + on chain data suite.
  • 10 000 PCC = Level Four: educational resource database + handmade educational videos + DAO voting + Newsletter subscription.

This is the key idea of our hold to play (H2P) system:

If you hold our token, you will be rewarded. This is through both education and equity.

Why is this exciting?

Prospective Expansions:

  1. Creation of an open market for $PCC on an appropriate DEX.
  2. DAO VC Fund guided by our community members.
  3. NFT Exchange, launchpad, and incubator.
  4. Sovereign DAO governed Decentralized Exchange.


With Passion,




Piloting the Learn2Earn narrative with our token: $PCC.

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Piloting the Learn2Earn narrative with our token: $PCC.

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