Is Anyone Stealing Your Images Online?

The scare is real!

If you aren’t using your own photos, you are potentially opening yourself up for a lawsuit.

Conversely, if you are using your own photos online, you need to monitor the web to see if your images are being used illegally.

If you don’t know how to do this, watch this short tutorial to see how quick and easy it can be!​

Watch the video tutorial HERE

Monitor Your Images

In a recent guest post, Art Stelle gave us 7 tips for protecting your images online. One of those ways was monitoring your images and today I am going to show you the program called TinEye and how it can be used to monitor your images online to see if anyone else is using them.

You will upload your image by hitting that up arrow or entering the URL for the image directly into their website. It will search the internet to see if there is someone else out there using your photo, or a similar photo to it.

I am on my iPhone but you can also use your desktop/laptop.

I am going to take a pretty simple photo and upload it to TinEye.

It came back with 2 results. I know that I took this photo in late June 2017. If you look at the options here, a couple of these options here were taken long before that so there is no way they could have stolen mine. This last one is more recent and it could have been about the same time as my photo. Obviously the photo I have here has a lot of marble background and you can get marble anywhere (real or fake), so this is not the same photo and I am not bothered by it.

If it had been my photo I could have sent them a cease and desist letter after having created a screenshot of them using it on their website. If they don’t respond promptly, you could return with a lawyer to sue them.

Other options you can select within TinEye’s photo searching options. This is set to “most change”, but you can also do “best matched” which is where I usually leave it and it doesn’t come back with anything different. The options you have include: best matched, most changed, biggest change, newest and oldest. You can go back through and try different options to see if it comes back with different results.

So this is TinEye, I just wanted to show you how super simple it is to use and easy to determine if anyone is using your photos. I have not uncovered very many personally. Most of the photos I have tried came back with nothing which is fine, I am happy no one is using my work. But honestly this one came back and it’s not a match even though it shows a very similar photo.

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