Tuitions for Professional courses — Does it reflect our education system?

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All parents want their children to get a secure their future with a high-paid profession. The top-rated professions in today’s time are Medicine, Engineering and Master in Business Administration. Out of the three courses mentioned, MBA is the most opted post-graduation degree of all times.Students who have excelled in Science with high grades prefer medicine over engineering and for those who feel they are great at juggling some numbers here and there make it to engineering institute.

Earlier there were situations where there was a mismatch between the expectations and desires of parents and children. Parents wanted their kids to choose career options that would fetch them good amount of money and which could bring stability in their financial status.Eventually this trend began to fade away because of the preferences and lifestyle of parents and kids these days. Parents do not have enough time to sit down with their kids to decide what works bests for them because of their professional commitments. Children have become a lot smarter these days when it comes to choosing a career for themselves.

Now the most important fact is that things have become more competitive than they were earlier. With the changing trends in the economy the level of learning and development has gone beyond ones imagination. In a scenario like this, taking tuitions from an expert has become very important, especially when you want to clear your entrance exams. Entrance tests are the first step to getting into an esteemed and well-known institution. Studying and getting a degree from a good post-graduation school has become an essential for people from all fields.

Setting up tuitions for getting admissions in your targeted colleges is an add on to your existing knowledge. The lessons that we get in school are elementary level and most of them are theoretical. The world works on practical knowledge, you may come across a lot of people who are excellent in working on projects that require being mindful than writing theories related to the same.Some students are great with theories but fail miserably when it comes to practically using the learning.

Tuitions are one way to find out the potential of a student and help them strengthen the skills they excel in. Tutors analyse the weaknesses and give best solutions to improve their knowledge in a particular field. One of the major factors of taking special lessons from tutors for entrance examinations is the fact that professional tests are set up to gauge the highest ability of an individual. Professions like medicine, engineering of any specialization and any business management are crucial for any business and mankind. It is essential to understand whether a student has the basic ability to comprehend the further studies.

Institutes do not just rely on these entrance exams though they are considered as the first step to getting an admission in a graduation or post-graduation school. To match up the merits and verbal skills, after the initial selection students go through a Group Discussion and Personal Interview which help faculties understand the mental ability of an individual to purse the specialization in all kinds of situations.

Some students are great at speaking but need to get their skills honed by tutors who hold an expertise in preparing them for such tests. Our education system drills every facet of a student — it strengthens a student’s mind and exposes a student to the outside world through various activities. We aren’t perfect and we know that. We could be good and one thing but comparatively weak at another, tuitions or special course are a great resource to be utilized to reinforce all the qualities we possess academically and as a part of our personality.

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