What it takes to be a Content Writer and Editor

The flowing imaginations, striking thoughts, your contemplations all find their expressions through writing. As the proverb goes ‘A pen is mightier than a sword’, writing is the mode that gives power to words. The age of internet offers an ace writer the prospects to create blogs, articles and share his ideas, reaching out to masses through the global platform.

With companies and organizations splurging into creating websites and diverse portals for promotional, advertising and marketing purpose, the career opportunities for aspiring content writers seems to be promising. However, the competition are professional writers have now augmented thus, demanding for high creativity and impeccable writing skills. Hence, aspirants need to brush up their potentials to create the most engaging content that draws attention.

Career Overview of Content Writers

Content writers are responsible for creating original content on the web. The content can be of diverse types, technical, creative, web content writing, journalistic content writing, academic content writing, press release writing, review writing, travel writing, SEO and others. The content can also include e-books, sales copy, podcasts, text for graphics, email marketing, referral request letters, social media posts, event fliers and postcards and others.

Each writer specializes in a particular or many domains, pursuing jobs accordingly. Writers produce content for online media, television, print media, movies and radio. Editors then evaluate and select the content to be published. Most Web content writers can be self-employed as well as work as freelancers, working for multiple clients on varied assignments.

For fulfilling their writing purpose content writers use several Web formatting tools like HTML, JavaScript, CSS and content management systems. The content is then checked to ensure 100% error free and authentic articles which are later posted on varied websites such as social networks, blogs, e-commerce sites, educational portals, college websites etc.

Educational Qualifications

Firstly aspirants must have the flair for writing, innovative imaginations and original thought process. A natural talent and knack to write is essential for the job profile. Along with this writers must have a college degree in journalism, English, communications or creative writing. Candidates can also attain master’s degree programs that specialize in advanced coursework on electronic media, professional writing, journalism and other writing disciplines. An experience in the relative field, subject or on the specialized course also proves to be fruitful. Content writers can also enroll in electronic writing certificate programs, technical writing courses, SEO based writing courses that are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Skills Required for Content Writers & Editors

For a competent writer it is essential to master certain skills and responsibilities to attain the needed career growth. Some of the essential skills are:

· Complete knowledge of standard writing practices

· Talent to write creatively with innovative thoughts

· Good vocabulary skills and knowledge of their best applications

· The proficiency to play with words

· Remaining updated with latest information and news

· Expertise in grammar

· In-depth knowledge of the guidelines and the ethics to follow while writing

· Come up with fascinating topics that are in vogue

· Understanding the preferences and requirements of the target audience

· Ability to do research work before writing content or a particular article

· Should know the different forms of English like UK, US

· Computer skills and MS office knowledge

· Search engine optimization knowledge

· Ability to meet the deadlines

· The talent to write error free and original content

· The proficiency to cite interesting examples and write in a catchy way to draw the attention of readers

· Check the content on varied parameters before posting

· Proof reading the written content

Responsibilities and Job Roles of Content Writers and Editors

An efficient writer needs to fulfill varied responsibilities and execute several job roles for a steady career growth and attain prospective job opportunities.

· Perform thorough research work for developing and producing content

· Write short crisp newsletters or emails to attract users and clients

· Imbibe creative and strategic ideas for online marketing

· Drafting and editing assigned content, editorials and press releases

· Create original content for company’s websites

· Knowledge of tools and technologies for writing

· Writing social media posts to promote content

· Coordinate with colleagues, seniors before initiating a project or writing any content

· Understanding the needs of the clients and meeting them with competence

· Follow the guidelines, style and format of a content as mentioned

· Developing informative content with updated and interesting details

· Developing prototypes and storyboards by using media creation programs and graphics editing

· Changing style as per content requirements

If you have the talent and wish to establish yourself as a skilled and prolific writer, then follow the tips mentioned above and begin with penning down your thoughts in an appealing way.

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