5 Reasons UX Designers Will Love Adobe XD

It’s an Interface Designer’s Dream come true!

by Noah Addy, UX Design Architect & Software Developer

I’m an avid Sketch User. I took Adobe XD CC for a spin, and now I’m a believer! It’s a well-thought-out application and productivity machine for UX Designers. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Simple, Familiar and Intuitive Interface

If you’re a Sketch User you will feel right at home in XD. The simplicity of the interface was awfully familiar. Artboards and several concepts from Sketch carry over very easily.

2. Repeat Grid & Group Editing Feature

Adobe really spent some time learning what Interface Designers needed. The ease of creating repeat elements and grids of elements made this a joy! The icing on top of the cake was the tool’s ability to recognize editing repeat elements and making updates repeated content. It’s a very well-thought-out feature.

3. Text Styles

Creating text styles from existing text was so easy I found myself going, “WOW” at some point. Select the existing text, click the text tool, start typing, and the new text automatically picks up the styles of the selected text. Easy as abc.

4. Easy Prototyping & Animations

The tool has a Design Mode and a Prototype Mode. Prototype mode makes it so easy to connect different screens, hook up navigation from clicking an element to any other screens. This makes it so easy to build clickable prototypes with animations and transitions from one screen to another.

5. Easy Sharing of Prototypes & Designs

The ease of sharing a prototype with other users was a very welcome surprise. One click and the tool generates a link you can easily share with users and stakeholders to preview your design. You can also manage these links to prevent other users from accessing it.

Bonus: Windows Support! (Coming soon)

Adobe is currently working on support for a Windows version which will help make Designers on Windows very excited. Sketch is currently only available onMacs so this was a very smart move on Adobe’s part.

I’ll be blogging and sharing more tips, tricks and resources on Adobe XD. I’m also putting together a demo and training package for Design Teams.

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Noah Addy, UX Design Architect & Software Developer

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