Uncared for

Once upon a time there was a nut unpicked high up in the sky. It stood there dancing with every breeze that passed by. It reflected every ray of light that fell upon and shone like a sun.

One day a Saber-toothed Squirrel saw this nut. Her heart melted and her eyes turned big. She had nothing in her mind than the dream to pluck this nut and carry it forever. She climbed the tree and plucked her dream. She traveled all around not even letting a scratch upon her new love, saved it from the ugliest heat and ruthless cold days. This was definitely the happiest moment in her life and she could see it in her eyes that reflected upon the nut. No doubt the love, the care grew as the days passed by and she promised to be together forever and ever.

And then the season of spring came; everything green and pleasant. She was very happy with her love; caressing it days and nights. But all of a sudden her eyes laid upon something. Something that changed everything. She felt that she saw everything that she had ever desired of. She froze for a while with a sparkling eyes. Her heart melted again and her eyes turned big.
It was nothing but a new, fresh and untouched Nut. Not a single difference these two nuts had but she lost the grip to the nut that she was holding. She hurried towards this new one while the other fell, bounced the couple of times, and slowly rested uncared upon the grass…

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