Holistic learning material

एक आइडिया बाहो में भरले बहुत कुछ सिखना।

(Ideas for making holistic learning material for learners age 11yr to 14yr)

  • select or fabricate a real life like scenario which encompasses :

1. a problem to solve

2. a critical life chunk of person/s

3. involves description, dialogue, anecdote, social communication, nature, proficient/ occupations / ambition, emotions, adventures, calculation/planning, logical/scientific , social/creative multiple solution and other possible domain knowledge/info.

For example :

  1. A hill side/desert side farmers or business family working on equal distribution of land or business among three quarreling brothers after death of the father.
  2. A group of adventurous boys/youth planning and executing a bicycle or motor bike adventures hiking / a search mission for their lost pet/ teacher or deaf friend.
  3. Producing a humerus play by a group of girls/boys/grandparents/ illiterate workers…
  • Developing reading material
  • Enriching with visual & diagrams
  • Inter texting prose, poetry , dialogue , jokes. riddles, domain information , maps, etc.
  • Formulating past/present reading tasks with
  1. creative, artistic, life skills reflections

2. Real life connections & applications

3. Reference to other units/lessons/texts

4. Possibility help from digital media

5. pair, group and individual tasks & evaluation

6. Appended by community projects/activities

7. Interface with current textbooks in mainstream schools

8. lots of space of open ended & creative / innovative ideas, debate / discussion

9. space for visits, interviews, self expression

10. suggested supplementary reading

  • More focus enrichment of language , local specific needs, communication with nature and freedom for errors and emotional expressions.
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