My Starts up ideas

This Post is very important for me, because I am trying to discover my life’s path from this all. I am 19 years old Gujju boy from city of art and joy Vadodra…waiting for my inner call….

My interest areas:

  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Education

Random ideas

  • start creative agency :solve marketing problem of small business,and let them focus on product development.
  • start one e-commerce site for ‘Gruh Udhyog’(handy craft),solve marketing problem for them and provide platform for their products,help for developing brand.
  • start training center for village women, like Point10 (they are selling jewelery in US made by women from India- Dang district with the brand name ‘Sweetly’
  • start training center(like NIIT & NIIT Yuva Jyoti) for youth of villages (also for Urban India)— computer literacy, English, soft skills .we can add more skill based courses.
  • Contact Vocational Training Centers (like Shroff Foundation,MSA) and Government projects for content development,translation ,etc.
  • we can provide wide rang of technical help(like Linux server, Hardware networking, software development, web development,etc.) to the NGOs, Hospitals, Schools, and many other untouched market.
  • start customize web and software development company for small business.
  • start app development start up who can solve real problem with the help of technology (like Uber, Nano Jobs).
  • start English and computer course with different approach(like UCMAS, aaloha , etc.). our approach will be focus on Learning science (Project from MIT Media Lab’ research group ‘lifelong kindergarten’)
  • start ‘learnlab’ for primary school(like SaaS)

> some other links for this idea: GIET GUJARAT BOARD , NCERT , Add-on-Gyan , Fab Lab , Maker Fest

  • we can do marketing of ‘My sCool Server’ with our learn lab project
  • start R&D lab to develop new technologies and problem solving products.(Husk Power, Azoi)
  • start concept like learn lab in college(Skyfi labs, spoken-tutorial)we can do sysadmin/android app workshop to drama workshop(, we can do solar energy/renewable energy training (from Anthro Power,Delhi) )
  • we can start incubator for stratup (like point10)

Now what?

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”
-Alan Cohen

let’s start my boy….

  • learn Linux sysadmin.
  • learn html&css and java script.
  • translate some FADOOO books.
  • try to map creative educational content.
  • play with awesome startup ideas
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