Being Fat is a Choice

I have no sympathy to people who complain about being fat and do nothing about it. Yes I am going to say “fat people” because just like another human on this earth we tend to categorize them. So in the case there is no difference. I understand ill probably get heat for the subject and how I go about it. And that is fine with me because fat people anger me with there excuses. There are worlds of excuses that you can say for anything but the world loves to try and make fat people feel better about their situation. And yes I also believe it’s a situation. And like any situation it can change when you put effort in. It took effort to become fat and now it will take twice as much effort to get it off. If you don’t want to be made fun of because you’re fat then fucking do something about it. I’m not saying in anyway it’s right to make fun of someone cause they are fat. That is rude but I am saying in a way you can get defensive about it because being fat is a choice. It’s different when someone makes fun of you for your race because that is something you an change. But being fat is because you allowed yourself to be fat. And this whole “I have a slow metabolism” is 100% bullshit. Yes, there is such a thing BUT that has nothing to do with what you put into your body and if you workout. If you eat good foods and you don’t stuff your face till you hate yourself you won’t become fat. But you CHOOSE shit foods. Also do you want to increase your metabolism? Nope it’s not by popping miracle weight loss pills it’s by fucking working out and putting in solid effort. There is no excuse for you to be fat. You want to be offended because someone called you fat? You don’t get that right. It’s like being offended cause you choose to write an article that gets hated on and you want to complain. You give up that right. Yeah I’m paralleling that to this article because this is an unpopular opinion. Too many people try and defend these people and that is just as bad as shoving food down there face. By giving them reasons to not lose the weight you are part of the problem. All I am saying is you want to be fat that’s fine, just don’t get offended when you take shit for it because you made that choice. This isn’t a greatest piece of writing and it’s not structured well but it’s a rant so I also don’t give a fuck. I don’t care what people think and if they don’t care what I think then that’s great. But I’m tired of excuses and this isn’t fat shaming. This is excuse shaming. If you complain but you never do anything about it you are a loser by default. I get maybe 1/100 people will agree and not think I’m a total asshole. But by starting up controversial topics maybe the end result will actually be progress towards a healthier country.

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