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  1. Addressing the needs and value of travel renters — Recognizing guests as valued customers and treating them accordingly
  2. Focusing on tenant satisfaction — Offering loyalty and rewards to loyal users
  • Creating one platform for multiple needs — We’ve figured out a way to create enough value for travelers to use one platform for multiple travel-related needs. This includes searching for and booking accommodations, and managing those bookings all through the same portal.
  • Providing abundant choices — Travelers can currently make reservations at over millions of our affiliate properties worldwide, and even that vast number is expanding as I write and we couldn’t be more excited.
  • Redemption commissions for booking through the site — Popular websites like Airbnb or charge hotels between 20 to 30 percent commission, and this directly affects the final price for guests. Alternatively, Leasera offers a redemption when travel accommodations are booked through our portal, which makes the average price for hotels on the Leasera marketplace typically at least 10 percent lower than the majority of online alternatives. Additionally, consumers end up with a redemption towards future bookings.
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  • Rewards program for travelers — Today’s online-savvy customer is used to loyalty rewards programs and they’ve come to expect them. Our programs include points-based systems where users earn rewards including discounts on future travel accommodations and prizes like free rooms and passes to events. This is a blanket value proposition for all properties within our system, not just the ones that can pay the most for loyalty.

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Consumer-renters deserve a return on their time & money w/ amazing access & discounts for rent, travel & more. This also makes our properties stronger.

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