69 dumb-fuck reasons for leaving the EU
Andy Bodle

First hand explanations given to me:

  1. “Everything now out in the open, no more excuses” — same source, also correct. His point was that Britain has always been a divided and hypocritical country, but now its exposed. He was sick of UK govt excuses, and know what, that might actually work (if they weren’t such a bunch of victim mentality blame shamers). (from a black, highly educated ex Londoner 40YO, bregrets)
  2. “We were an Empire once, and we can be again.” (From a 1st honours war studies graduate — bloody historians with rose tinted glasses).
  3. “Because we’re a nation!” — pro-nazi sympathising nationalist on twitter.

The rest you’ve captured, in varying degrees of inanity and chauvinism.

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