Eating my 8th cup of cereal

26. 01. 2016

Let me just start with; damn I always find myself on here when I have troubles.

I am considering leaving collage.

I don’t study, I can’t bring myself to study, I fail exams.

I have no motivation, I just want to work and travel.

I was never a consistent person and it’s hitting me in the butt. The fact that I am writing this blog whenever I am down proves my point. This blog is just a helping hand when I am on my knees, but when I am tall I don’t write a thing.

I love to self pity myself. As everybody already noticed.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

I started smoking just to suppress my appetite.

I think I am going to punish myself for my failures, with no eating and smoking and a harsh workout!

That’s the only thing I haven’t tried yet and failed.

P.S. I am in a deep funk.

P.P.S. Starting work soon, punishment over and over for me.