What I Did This Year: Sept 2016–2017

Has it just been a year? It feels like an eternity what with the end of things and all. Here’s a round up of things I had published.

I drew a lot of stuff for THE NIB but I like THE X-MEN MADE ME GAY and CLASSIC MONSTER HOROSCOPES the most.

I wrote about how ‘THE INVASION’ is a fascist parable for our times for VICE

I did some illustrations and logoform for the amazing new queer literary magazine IGNOTA.

I tracked the curious class consciousness of seersucker as it went from working class uniform to garden party material for RACKED

I did some of my best work for THE TOAST (RIP) but my favorite is THE COLD WAR RECREATION SOCIETY

Here on Medium I wrote an essay for artists and writers on seizing the leftist narrative, LEARNING HOW TO SCREAM AGAIN.

I was on some podcasts! Some of them not even about Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Liquid Flannel (politics) Slayerfest 98’ And Dadfeelings.

Also I joined the Democratic Socialists of America this year and became a bad person to invite to your nice parties.

All of my work can be seen at Leavittalone.com and I can be found on the online John Leavitt


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