Sim City 2k, Post-Capitalism, and ‘The Four Futures’.

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Following the excellent Kevin T. Baker essay on the inherent ideology of the Sim City games and their effects on how people think about urban planning, I got to thinking about the Arcologies in Sim City 2000.

The Arcologies are the end point of the game, the only real winning condition the series sets up. If your city is successful enough to build new forms of cities, then you win.

Which got me thinking about the end of capitalism.

Peter Frase’s “The Four Futures: Life After Capitalism” states that capitalism as we know it is coming to an end, not only due to the productive limits of industry and rate of value added, but also the ecological limits imposed by climate change. …


By John Leavitt

<<A long pan over trees and flowers with the big white baking tent in the background>>

VO: The week over, let’s rejoin PAT and DAISY back in the tent as our bakers eagerly await their Showstopper challenge.

PAT: Did you have a restful week Dase? I certainly did, pickled all the whelks I could find for winter.

DAISY: I collected windfall apples and berries the birds didn’t snatch from our country’s many large, productive, and well-staffed farms.

PAT: The theme of this week’s Showstopper challenge was “Scavenging”, to see the most delicious and creative dishes our bakers could make using only ingredients found in and around the Hirren-on-Hull encampment. …

KOOPAISM IS CAPITALISM : The Super Mario Bros. Movie at 25.

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Super Mario Bros. is a ridiculous movie, but as we find ourselves in ridiculous times, the 25th anniversary gives us opportunity to reflect on the themes and messages of the movie and how much more relevant they are to our current situation then in 1993.

Let me say it now: Super Mario Bros. anticipated 2018.

It’s not just that we live in a cyberpunk dystopia, that was always a given. It’s that we live in a cyberpunk dystopia with an ongoing ecological crisis based on constant exploitation of the poor and working class ruled by a deranged, narcissistic despot with weird hair. …


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