Dobi Trade Will List Leaxcoin On Its Trading Platform

Leaxcoin — The platform that came up with the solution to all the problems with real estate transactions, either in the purchase, rent, lease, and real estate launch or in the property registry will be listed on Dobi Trade this 9th of November.

Dobitrade Exchange is a global cryptocurrency trading platform. They are committed to creating the world’s most secure, convenient, and professional digital currency exchange and trading services platform.

We at Leaxcoin, as a provider of a comprehensive and integrated ecosystem which facilitates the real estate process transition to the blockchain through our platform and ecosystem, is very happy to be listed and be available on this cryptocurrency exchange platform. We know that this will mark the change and the innovation towards real estate market. This will also be the start in which Leaxcoin will be able to make it possible to unify all the traditional and cryptographic investment, ensuring faster speed in the process with less bureaucracy one step at a time.

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