Welcome Jean Carlo Nascimento — One Of The New Developers Of Leaxcoin

Jean Carlo Nascimento — The One In The Middle

In this kind of society that we live in, technology application is usually being born and created by developers. These people are the ones who are doing the research, coding, and implementation to make sure that an application or program runs smoothly and in accordance with the user or business that will be using it.

One of them is Jean. Jean Carlo Nascimento from Brazil is an Evangelist of NoSQL and JavaScript and is a speaker for Frontend, Backend (JS) and NoSQL.

He is also a Co-creator of events for FrontinSampa, FrontinPG, FrontinCuritiba, and Sampa.js.

He is also the Founder of Suissa Corp. — A company that focuses on courses, consulting and training towards the development of flexible and scalable systems with Node.js and NoSQL.

He is also the Founder of Webschool.io.

Creator of the free JS Functional Course and the JavaScript Teaching Event for women called JS4Girls.

As a specialist in javascript, and as an evangelist for mongo js, Jean will be assisting us in the development of our Dapps, and Tokenizacao platform.

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