Celebrities are just as dumb as everyone else.

Matt Damon mansplained, and people acted surprised. I didn’t because he’s done this before. He’s not some brilliant orator, and he’s not particularly intelligent. Yet time and again, he talks about subjects he knows little or nothing about. In other words, he spews nonsense. The problem is he has a large audience of listeners.

Remember when he mansplained diversity to a black woman? Effie Brown produced the movie “Dear White People.” She sat down with Damon on his HBO show “Project Greenlight” and brought up the lack of diverse directors considered for the project. She emphasized the importance of having diversity behind the camera as well as in front of it.

He understood the importance of diversity better than a black woman. He’s a textbook mansplainer. Damon decided to talk over this woman and tell her what diversity looked like. How is anyone surprised he’s also talking over women when it comes to sexual harassment and sexual assault? Matt Damon is quickly becoming the guy who thinks he’s the smartest person in the room. The problem is he’s not. Not even close.

I had hopes for Matt Damon when he stood up for teachers. He staunchly supported public school systems and criticized the way they’ve been run. I can agree with that. The inequity of public schools is embarrassing, the worst schools always being in brown and black communities. But for all his support of public schools, he chose to put his own children where? You guessed it. In private school. Damon talks a good game, but ultimately he’ll always retreat into his bubble of elite whiteness. Those teachers who cheered him must be scratching their heads right now.

Damon just does this. He uses his public status to garner support, criticize and question. But he does it without thinking about the consequences of his words. Celebrities are notorious for this. They believe bringing attention to a cause is always a great idea. They don’t understand that lack of follow-through or not understanding the issue can devastate gains. If they must speak up about issues such as diversity and sexual assault, they have a responsibility to do it in a thoughtful and intelligent manner. Damon’s problem is he makes these off-the-cuff remarks and apologizes later. By then it’s too late. Effie Brown was mansplained on an HBO show by a famous actor. No amount of apologizing will make that go away.

And he really should have kept his mouth shut about #MeToo. How does saying this help women?

No one said these behaviors were the same. However, any inappropriate sexual behavior potentially harms the victim. Maybe he should have picked up the phone and called one of his fellow actors who Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted. Do some research before speaking. But no. He’s convinced himself he’s the expert on everything.

Look, people love to idolize celebrities. I get that. I’m a huge fan of the Jason Bourne movies, but that doesn’t translate into Matt Damon being smarter or better than the rest of us. Based on his history, I would venture he’s just as dumb as everyone else.

Lecia Michelle 📃

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