State Police lead a line of children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut after a shooting at the school. Credit: joejinky.

Of course, nothing will change after the Parkland, Florida, school shooting.

Thoughts and prayers are all this government has for you.

Seventeen people were shot and killed yesterday. Nothing will change. After reading the numerous politicians sending their thoughts and prayers, I’m over all of it. That person who sits in the Oval Office tweeted his usual nonsense without a word about gun control.

They don’t care, and they never will.

This country can’t even put the safety of children first, and it disgusts me. We are a month and a half into 2018. This is the 8th school shooting resulting in injury or death and the second mass shooting this week. The politicians spew their ridiculous platitudes and go on as if it’s business as usual.

Nothing will ever change.

Hardcore, working-class Republicans still believe, for some reason, that party has their best interests. Many are parents, and yet, I can hear them already saying this could have been prevented if those teachers were armed.

We’ll have the same conversation we have after every major shooting…. oh wait. That’s not true. School shootings are now so commonplace in this country, some get almost no media coverage. That’s telling. This has become ordinary to us — the idea that children go to school with the real possibility of never coming home again.

How is this normal? This is what we’ve become — a country whose leaders care about the wealthiest in this country and to hell with the rest of us, including our most innocent citizens. However, Parkland — where the shooting happened — is an affluent neighborhood. How many of the residents are Republicans, and how many will change their minds about gun control? My guess is their views will stay the same.

And children lose out. They’ve always lost out in this country. They are never put first. From the poorest to the most affluent children who lose their lives to gun violence, none of them are safe.

Where is the outrage? I hear weeping, but I don’t hear Republicans demanding change. It’s as if they believe this will never happen to them. But we know it could. So far this year, we’ve had a school shooting every 60 hours. Gun violence knows no color. Your children could be next. Bullets don’t discriminate.

We didn’t have school shootings when I was growing up. I can’t imagine what these kids went through and how they’re feeling now. They experienced something akin to a war zone. How do you ever recover? How do you go back to school after that?

This latest shooting is worse than Columbine, and the sad thing is most of us will forget about it in a few weeks.

Until it happens again.