Trolls, I’m not here for your white supremacist, racist consumption

I’m here to fight for my people.

I’m not here for white supremacist consumption. So trolls calling me racist because I talk about race and how white people are complicit in the systemic racism black people must endure in this country? I don’t care. If after reading my articles, all you can come up with is that, keep it moving. Nothing anyone can tell you about your own racism matters. You don’t care. You’ve never cared. You will never care.

And I don’t give a shit about you either.

I’m not interested in white people looking to gaslight and point fingers as they deflect their own harm to black people. If you want an honest conversation about race and have a genuine desire to change, we can talk. I’ll point you to some resources to help you on your journey. But if you’re just here to troll, find a new hobby like playing in traffic and stop wasting my time.

Black folks constantly deal with white people like you in real life, and we know how to handle you. We don’t expend precious energy on you because, frankly, you’re not worth it. You spend so much time justifying that president; those every day racists calling the police on us; and the murder of black folks by people in blue uniforms, you can’t even wrap your head around the fact that you’re part of that racist system. You insist you’re not, but if you decide to try (and fail) to virtually shout me down — to silence a black woman — you’re participating in the same white supremacist structure that tries to marginalize me.

But again, you don’t care. Black folks know that.

You don’t see us barging into your white supremacist/neo-Nazi virtual spaces to argue with you, do you? Between comparing penis size and trying to one up each other as you recount stories of violence you’ve committed against us, you’re just too damn busy to actually listen to anything we have to say.

I’m kidding. You’re too racist.

We black folks who are even willing to talk about race with white people know to pick our battles. Let me say that more plainly: Black folks don’t owe you anything. We don’t owe you a discussion, an explanation or an education. YOU. OWE. US. If you want to learn, find those resources. Don’t ask the one black person you work with but you’ve never actually acknowledged to do the work for you. It’s 2018. The Internet is your friend. Find a group or organization that helps white people fight their own internalized racism. Most black people don’t want to deal with you. You’ve spent too many years lashing us with your racist, white supremacist ways. We’ve had enough.

But back to the trolls.

Every time one of you comments on my page, I know exactly what happened. You read my article and saw the words “white people” — which you hate — and “racism” — which you deny — and convinced yourself I wasn’t talking about you. I’m just a hateful, racist negress who wants to stir up trouble.

You’re partly right. If pissing off white people means you listen — or leave me the fuck alone — then let the pissing off begin. Like I said, I’m not here for white supremacist consumption. I’m here for my people. I’m tired of white people harming us. I’m tired of you killing us. I’m just tired.

Black folks aren’t easily intimidated. My ancestors fought hard for me to be here, and now I fight to honor their sacrifices and take what’s mine. So your little trolling efforts don’t bother me. You’re a cowardly keyboard jockey too chicken to say that shit to a black person in real life.

Why are you white people so damn angry? Here I am speaking my truth and here you come telling me it isn’t my truth. You take my stories as a personal affront to you — as if my words oppress you. Yet once you jump off your computer, does your day involve trying to figure out how to deal with people of another race? If your daily decisions aren’t based on keeping your job, your home or your sanity, you have no idea what we go through just to exist in society with you. So don’t come on my page and act like you know. It’s insulting. You don’t want to learn anything. That’s fine. I have nothing to learn from you either. I already know who you are.

You’re my enemy.