Trump is doing exactly what he promised during his presidential campaign

No one should be surprised. But we all should be terrified.

By now we’ve all seen the Trump/Putin lovefest where Trump said he didn’t believe Russia interfered with the 2016 election — even though our own intelligence people came to the opposite conclusion.

I won’t go into Trump later claiming he misspoke. He lied. We know he lied. He’s a liar. It’s what he does and does badly.

I’ve read statements by many of his supporters, and I’m not surprised they are defending his latest antics. Many still say he’s doing a great job — even as he calls the European Union a foe and lavishes praise on Putin. Putin. You know, the terrorist who murders his own people. He’s no friend to our country.

Many white people are flabbergasted by this latest turn of events, but why? We knew Trump was enamored with Putin. He said as much on the campaign trail. So why the surprise? We who belong to marginalized groups aren’t surprised by anything he does.

And after the debacle of separating families with no concrete plan to reunite them; after continually denigrating immigrants; after all the comments he’s made about people of color; after all the times he’s stayed silent as Americans have lost jobs or even their lives because he’s given permission to white supremacists to reign violence upon us… did anyone really expect him to somehow start caring?

Most of his supporters will always defend him. He still espouses white pride, and they’re thrilled their own racist agendas have found a voice in this nation’s highest office. Some of his white supporters say they voted for him because he promised more jobs. Has that happened? Not so much. These one-issue voters (jobs, abortion, immigration) are as un-American as you can get. Yes, we want a president who will fight for us, but there are more people in this country than just ourselves. I vote for candidates who put the country’s interests first. I want someone who understands foreign policy, the inalienable rights of Americans, who cares about equality for everyone and who would never want their name associated with neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Yet here we are with a president who blatantly sides with white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Here we are with a president who is proud of those associations. This president fawns all over a Russian dictator who tortures and murders his own citizens. That speaks volumes about how he would treat Americans if given the chance. Trump said it himself: He wants us to treat him like Kim Jong Un’s citizens treat him. He wants us to sit up and pay attention when he speaks.

Kim Jong Un also tortures and murders his own citizens. See a pattern here? We are quickly turning into a dictatorship with a power-hungry monster running things. And we got here because white Americans are so terrified of losing their elite status, they would rather run this country into the ground than share it with the rest of us.

They may very well get their wish. This latest controversy will blow over just like the rest of them. Some Republicans will speak up, but few will go so far as to call Trump what he is — a traitor. We’re watching this man wrap up the United States in a pretty bow and hand it over to Putin. Trump rewards this man for hacking the 2016 election, and his fellow Republicans allow it. I find it interesting how Republicans so loudly proclaim their love for this country. Yet they are complicit in its demise.

We started down this path when white American elected Trump. They believed his lies that he would make America great again by squashing the rights of oppressed and marginalized citizens. This president has put this country and every citizen in danger. As white supremacists walk the streets with impunity and foreign leaders gain unheard of advantages, Trump just sits there. I watch him speak nonsense during his press conferences, and it’s always terrifyingly clear just how stupid he really is. It’s also terrifying that this man speaks for our country, and he has no idea what he’s saying.

This is now America.

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I'm a black woman, a writer, poet and activist. I hope to one day put my stories into a book. Twitter:@LeciaMichelle11

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