Credit: Ben Pollard.

When weaponized White women get a Black woman fired from her job…

Congratulations. You’re a White Supremacist.

Yesterday I was chatting with a sister friend of mine. I’ll call her Aabidah. Aabidah is working on a local election. Her candidate is a Black city councilman running for mayor. Let me give you some background on this amazing woman who I am fortunate to call my friend.

My sister is a strong Black Muslim woman. She pulls no punches. She says what’s on her mind. She is exactly the type of person I would want in my community because she fights for what’s right.

Some drama went down with the local school board (You should know one of her candidate’s opponents sits on that school board). The public school approached the school board to give teachers raises, and they got it. Great, right? Except for some reason, when the school district got the money, they didn’t put it toward the teachers’ raises.

In the back and forth, somehow her candidate — as a city councilman— was blamed for it, and this line of thinking was led by his opponent who sits on the school board. It makes no sense because both he and his wife work for the school district. And why was he singled out? The city council doesn’t even have discretion over how those funds are spent. The school board does.

Bottom line, the school board held up the raises, not the city council. Yet the city councilman running for mayor was blamed. Hmm. I wonder why? Eventually the board gave the teachers raises.

Aabidah was livid that her candidate’s name was smeared and took to Facebook Live to set things straight. She put the blame for the raises squarely on the shoulders of the school board. In the middle of this is a group of (mostly) White teachers who support the candidate sitting on the school board — the one who blamed her candidate for the delayed raises.

Remember that as I tell you what happened next.

In her video, Aabidah also criticized how some of the teachers treated the children. Apparently, there was an incident where a teacher slapped one of the students. The teacher was not disciplined. Aabidah then said what a lot of Black mothers would say: If you put your hands on my child, we are gonna have problems. Her exact words? “I will smack fire into one of those teachers.” She called them rogue and bullies. She also let it be known she filed complaints against the worst offenders.

Y’all, my mama would have said these exact words, and I know plenty of other Black mothers who will say the same thing: Let a teacher hit my baby, and that teacher will catch these hands.

The group of teachers I previous mentioned took issue with this. They said Aabidah threatened them. I’m at a loss here. My sister is saying she would protect her children, and somehow these White women decided this was a personal attack on them.

But it doesn’t stop there.

They called the police and the FBI on her. Oh. And they reported her to her employer.

Who fired her.

This is some epic White Supremacist mess right here. The answer to criticism isn’t reporting people to their jobs. Come on. The women who contacted her employer don’t care whether being fired will mean she is unable to feed her children or she will lose her home.

Let me say this again: These White women called the police and the FBI. For a minute, I wondered if they really don’t know how law enforcement treats Black people. Then I thought… “Of course they know. That’s why they did it.”

That’s why these weaponized White women are so dangerous.

White people always call the police on us. That’s how they silence us. That’s how they threaten us. That’s how they try to beat us. It’s been happening since Black folks were brought here as slaves. It’s gone from slave patrols to policemen. It’s the worst form of racism because we as Black people know exactly what’s happening. White people want to scare us. They want to ensure we stay in our place. They want us to stay quiet.

And that will NEVER happen.

Now instead of Aabidah fighting for the people in her community, she’s looking over her shoulder. She has to protect herself and her family from an attack that should never have happened.

If she had been a White woman, there would have been no calls made to her job, the police or the FBI.

I’m not gonna lie here. That they called the FBI has me shook. So Aabidah must be terrified.

Why am I writing this? Because White Woman Weaponizing needs to be addressed and eradicated. It’s a disease infecting too many of them and causing Black and Brown people to suffer.

So I’m lending my voice to my sister Aabidah to let her know I stand with her.