White people, stop calling the police on us

They’re not your private security detail.

Another day, another white person calling the police on black folks over some stupid stuff. This time a graduate student at Yale was working on a paper in her housing’s common area. She got tired and took a nap. Missy Anne took it upon herself to tell this young woman she couldn’t do that. And if she didn’t stop sleeping there, she was calling the police.

So she did.

Since when police come out for such bullshit calls? What exactly did Missy Anne say when she called about the young lady sleeping? I’m trying to figure out what made this in any way a legitimate reason. Or did it go something like this?

There’s a black lady sleeping in my building. I don’t know if she belongs here.

I suspect she played the race card.

But when you answered the call and realized the young black woman in fact did live there, why didn’t you leave? She had keys to her apartment. She also showed you her school ID. Who cares if her ID possibly was expired? Have her check in with the Registrar’s Office to get that worked out. You didn’t need to spend 15-plus minutes figuring out if her damn ID was current.

I am so proud of this young woman. Throughout the entire ordeal of harassment — and I agree with her; it was harassment — she kept her cool, all while talking about white privilege and power. It was a beautiful thing. Ultimately, they let her go. It was ridiculous, and I’m glad she recorded it.

Around the same time, Susan called the police on some black people having a cookout. Susan must think she’s a card-carrying member of the BBQ police. She just couldn’t leave these black folks alone. When a black woman had the nerve to confront her, she did call them.

Of course she did.

Susan told the police they were breaking park rules (they weren’t). Then she resorted to saying she was being harassed (she wasn’t). She kept the card a black woman had showed her, and the woman wanted it back. I don’t blame her. Susan refused to return it, so the woman followed her, asking for her property. This lasted for several minutes. Once the police arrived, Susan shed those white tears — the weapon wielded by every white woman. Fortunately, nothing happened. No one was arrested.

One more for you. Nordstrom Rack called the police on three black teenagers who they thought were stealing. The trio was actually shopping for clothes to wear to prom.

I’m quickly losing count how many times white people call the police on black people just for being. I cannot with these cop-calling white people anymore. You all are playing with black people’s lives. So now I gotta add to my ever-growing lists of things I can’t do — shop at a retail store, barbeque in the park and sleep in a room in the building where I pay rent.

I’m giving up on these white folks because obviously they get off on calling the cops and exercising their white privileged rights. But you know what I want to happen? I want the police who answer these ridiculous calls to start issuing tickets to these white people for harassment. Repeat offenders get jail time.

Aren’t they tired of being used by white people as their own private security detail? I mean, I know you all hate us, but I would think you hate these white folks even more for wasting so much of your time.

These police reports must read like a bad comedy.

When is this going to change? White people think calling the police is a game. This is why we say #BlackLivesMatter. White folks who call the police on us when we’re just trying to live don’t think we get it. But we do. Our lives mean nothing to you. But here’s a tidbit for white people using the cops to terrorize us.

We’re not going anywhere, colonizers.


Lecia Michelle 📃

Written by

I'm a black woman, a writer, poet and activist. I hope to one day put my stories into a book. https://www.patreon.com/LeciaMichelle Twitter:@LeciaMichelle

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