Intellectual Property

May 28 · 1 min read

Ledder Technology is a technological company whose main asset is intellectual property, such as patents, know how, technological developments, and software code. According to our business model, we’ll monetize our intellectual property through licensing and royalty. Ledder Technology will get 10% off each sold billboard.

We can also get royalty from equipment buyers by charging commission fees on transactions made within the Ledder Network. In this case, a licensing agreement will set forth that the billboards shall only be used within the Ledder Network. Also, we can get royalty for using the technologies of third-party companies. That will allow to reduce a billboard cost by several times, speeding up the switch from traditional billboards to digital ones.

Over the period of 4 years, Ledder Technology aims to establish the biggest patent database in the digital OOH advertising industry. The database will include 200 unique patents and at least 600 local patents for digital OOH advertising technologies. This will allow Ledder Technologies to become the global leader in the digital billboard technologies.


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