Beer vs Wine — Which is the most manly? Yes this is a stupid question.

I recently became a wine drinker after being mainly a beer drinker for many years my reason being that I am also a gout sufferer (beer is reportedly bad for gout). I emailed my uncle (a fellow gout sufferer) that I was making the switch and I was planning to enjoy a glass of wine while watching the ball game. He emailed me back that he was in no uncertain terms not going to drink wine while watching the game. Fair enough he has better uric acid levels than me and who am I to question his wisdom in the matter. I did question the issue of manliness, mine I guess or perhaps anyone who chooses wine as their alcohol of choice over beer.

Is wine less manly than beer? Of course it is, the answer is obvious and a damn stupid question to boot. A quick google search of the top drinking songs and one finds that wine barely makes it onto the list. I for one grew up with the lyrics “two fifty for a highball and a buck and half for a beer” burned into my head — there was no wine lyrics that I can recall only the band April Wine and I didn’t even know what that means.

What makes beer more manly than wine?

Perhaps it is the type of people we associate beer and wine drinkers with. When I think of beer drinkers I think of the Vikings. I think the Vikings may be some of the most manly of men. I see the Vikings as bearded, large, hairy and very muscular, and all chugging in great gulps the foamy liquid called beer. Although in reality the Vikings drank mead, a honey wine. Yes wine my beer loving friends but no matter it is the image that counts.

If I think of wine drinkers I think of utterly unmanly men daintily tasting a dash of wine before giving it the OK as if it must meet some high level of palatability and quality well beyond the ability to provide a decent buzz. This ritual alone makes it seem as if wine was made for the sole purpose of being mocked.

I guess the obvious reason beer is more manly than wine is marketing, beer is marketed to young males full of testosterone, good looks, and poor intentions. Wine is marketed to an older supposedly more sophisticated crowd that live in fancy homes and beautiful apartments with astonishing views of their capitalistic worlds this crowd apparently also likes to take regular picnics in the park and/or stroll on sandy beaches with wine glasses dangling from their hands like wind chimes against cool breezes. Once again it is as if wine was made for the sole purpose of being mocked.

There is also the issue of taste, wine is said to require a more refined palate and there are many magazines, blogs, tv shows, videos, books etc. that can attest to this. It also seems that many women tend to not like the taste of beer, they often prefer wine and thus makes beer more manly by default.

Wine is also a healthier option than beer or so it it widely considered — red wine that is; I think white wine is still under suspicion — guilty until proven innocent as they say. We all know that healthy equals unmanly at least that’s how I grew up.

I guess what it comes down to is that good taste and health aren’t what is considered cool or manly just the opposite in fact. Danger tends to impress people at least that’s what Kurt Russell’s character says in Death Proof and who doesn’t know cool if not Tarantino — the king of cool (though I think I read somewhere that he drinks wine). I guess scarfing down red meat and pounding back the beers is what is considered manly and that’s fine by me, I’ll stick with my wine.

So should one care which is more manly — probably not but in any case no matter which beverage you choose to drink I wish you all good health and an abundance of unmanliness.