I’m Going to Lose All My Money

Have you ever been to “Girl and the Goat”? It’s a restaurant here in Chicago, that takes months to get a reservation in. Food prices for 1 person is easily over $130. And for me, the guy who has lived in his In-Laws basement on a pool table; I’m sweating just thinking about all the Chipotle Burritos I can buy for $130. But wow Chef Stephanie Izard made your taste buds think every penny was worth it.

Do you know why you feel that eating a $400 meal was worth it?

Because Chef Stephanie knows who the most valuable company in the history of man kind is. It’s not Apple, HP or any tech company. It ‘was’ the “Dutch East India Company”. (DEIC)

The DEIC ‘was’ valued at $7.4 Trillion. They realized that getting salt and spices to the Stephanie Izard’s of the world was difficult, and found a solution.

But after 4 generations (-200 years), the $7.4T company became 0.0¢.

Just like Rome which lasted 500+ years, Kodak 115 years, and The Sham-Wow Guy (3 years); everything will come to an end.

My point; The need for healthcare, lawyers , and spices will always exist, but the process is always changing. You can keep on changing your business model, business plan, and rearrange staff all you want, but nothing last forever.

I want to share with you all something that my favorite Hippie once said.

“Whatever you do, do well. For when you go to the grave, there will be no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom.”

Psyche!! A hippie didn’t say that. That phrase is from the Bible and Kohelet.

I hope my above rant is a depressing reminder that everything we are working for to become great entrepreneurs, and to establish a name for ourselves will one day be gone. Even if we make quite a fortune in our lifetime, history shows, it will probably be wiped clear by 2nd gen.

Enjoy life, don’t work to hard, and take pleasure in today!