Looking For Camping Information

I am looking for people with first-hand knowledge and experience with camping, hiking and backpacking. My reason is straight forward and simple: I need good, solid blog posts to market my new site, gearupsurvive.com. I also welcome comments as to the appearance and content of the site.

If this breaks the Medium rules for posting I hope I will be told as I have searched the rules and haven’t found anything on marketing.

I started camping and hiking in 1956 when I was 12 years old and would still be doing it in my 70s except for my husband’s infirmities. I started the web store as a way to vicariously still be involved with my favorite outdoor activities. Since I haven’t been able to do these activities for several years my own information is outdated.

I am looking specifically for favorite places to go, unusual experiences, most useful types of gear, best things to pack and how to pack them efficiently - or anything else that comes to mind. Pictures would be great, especially of beautiful scenery but not limited to that.

If desired, I would credit anything you share directly to you or keep it anonymous if you prefer. If you want, I would link the information to your own site so long as it is a clean, wholesome site. I would also credit Medium as a source if the Medium authorities want that. I reserve the right to edit spelling, grammar and inappropriate comments but would give you the chance to approve or disapprove any changes before publication.

My best camping memories are in Jasper and Banff in Canada and in the South Dakota Black Hills as well as along the Atlantic shores of the East Coast. The Redwood forest was equally wonderful. My worst memories are of Yellowstone back when foolish people still fed the bears by hand and I watched a black bear run off with a tiny human infant.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who shares this interest, either here on Medium or privately at gearupsurvive@gmail.com.

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