Against “Don’t Read the Comments”
Anil Dash

Thank you for an excellent perspective. A few years ago I dropped Facebook because I was tired of the trash. About 3 weeks ago I decided to try it again to see if it had improved. It had gotten worse.

Too many of the social media remind me of the reality shows on TV, which is why we haven’t had television in about 15 years. I have seen bits of these shows at other people’s homes and they are repulsive, as are many of the social media.

So far I have found Medium and a few others to be good, solid sites and I hope they stay that way. Instead of “don’t read the comments”, I suggest using the off button if the people in control refuse to clean up the trash.

By the way, I’m no prude. I’m an anthropologist which means I am open to all cultures and can adapt to nearly any kind of life style, as long as it isn’t violent. I am all for each new generation adapting the culture they were given at birth to their own needs and level of technology. But trash isn’t culture and harassment isn’t adaptation. The very definition of culture is “a system of values and meanings expressed by a system of signs and symbols”. I see very little value or worthwhile meaning in the signs and symbols used in many of the social media.

Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

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