Frienemies: Have you had a Judas?

Bible says Judas kissed Jesus with fakeness. Are there people you hug upon greeting as a real friend that you are not sincere about?

Do you greet people at work with a smile and then proceed to talk about them behind their back?

Do you routinely take credit for someone else’s work to get that promotion but act like you are best friends with the person you just stole from?

Do you greet people with an empty and selfish heart at church? Do you say hi to people with a fake smile?

Have you ever told someone you’d pray for them on social media but just muddled under your breath about them instead?

Have you ever pretended to give warmth to someone purely because you wanted to get something from them?

All of these are examples of being a Judas. No one wants a Judas in their friendship circle even though most of us have experienced it.

Don’t be a Judas.

If you are the Judas, you must realize that in the end, Judas felt so much remorse for what he did, he hung himself. It was all for money. That is not worth it. Don’t end up like that.

Think about your actions and the motivation behind it. Look at the Word to see if what you’re doing is something God would be pleased with.

If you have been the one to experience the Judas moment, remember it in situations when you have to decide what actions you want to take. You already know how it feels, don’t do it to someone else.

Most importantly, we have to forgive those people. Don’t hold onto bitterness and unforgiveness from what that person did.

Jesus responded with meekness and humility. But He was also wise enough to know it was coming.

Ask God for that type of wisdom and He will show you and prepare you for things that are to come. Play the offense, keep the ball in your hands. But don’t ever be willing to accept offense. Let go and forgive often.

And if you’re sitting there saying, “But what they did wasn’t right!” That’s true and you do have a reason to feel hurt and betrayed.

However, you don’t have right to hold on to your bruised feelings.

Are you going to live the rest of your life carrying around that type of weight? Hand the situation over to God and allow Him to repay you double for your trouble.

Remember, to not become Judas. Just because someone did it to you does not give you a justification to do it to someone else. It is not the way people get ahead.

God is in control of all and sees all. Pray to Jesus about your situation. He understands better than anyone. Allow Him to tell you what to do.

Forgive your Judas. You don’t have to continue a relationship with them. But, for your own health and sanity, trust God with it.

God is your vindicator.

This is a good reminder and action item for all of us to reevaluate our hearts and examine our actions.

Ask God if anything like this has been harboring in you. Ask Him to create in you a pure heart. He is faithful and just to do so.

Audit your life and if the Holy Spirit brings up situations to your mind ask God for forgiveness and from that other person, too.

God says He won’t forgive us unless we forgive others. And, we are all in desperate need of His forgiveness.