The Long Beach Boardwalk

Walking along the boardwalk,

the sun shining brightly,

a cool breeze comforts us.

Luke’s stroller rolls along the planks

as Kaylee pushes it confidently.

Jeanine grasps my hand.

Big waves crash in the distance.

A bulldozer smooths the sand, replacing what was lost.

Seagulls scavenge for food, fighting for the best morsel.

Amateur runners pass us, panting.

An old woman in socks shuffles by,

a body-builder does inverted push-ups.

Groups of Orthodox walk alongside us.

It begins to warm up considerably.

A hand-powered bicycle glides along.

Children zip by on scooters as their grandmother follows on foot.

Sunbathers sit on beach chairs getting some early rays,

the click of the shutter as Kaylee takes pictures,

the boardwalk becomes newer, the old wood giving way to unweathered planks.

Benches line the south side of the boardwalk

with plaques honoring departed souls.

A tennis player here, a beloved child there.

Some benches are decorated

to memorialize, for birthdays, for Easter.

Luke sleeps soundly as we stroll along.

Kaylee and Jeanine chat amiably,

living in the moment.

I love this wonderful moment.

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