The Future is Without Apps
Donny Reynolds

I think the revenue share for native app’s will prevent Apple pushing web-apps. Their 30% margin is no chump change anymore.

I totally agree though, this walled garden-app indexing-mobile vs app war that Apple and Google are entering ultimately causes so many headaches for end users and app brands with great content.

The web parity issue for App indexing is also a huge problem for App-first businesses with great content. Google are looking at ‘app only’ indexing for Android but that doesn’t help iOS.

Its going to be a VERY interesting WWDC / Google IO this year and we expect iOS 10 to bring many more new search API’s and frameworks for iOS to continue it’s squeeze on Google. Will we see a front end search engine from Apple? Unlikely but they are looking down their search entry points.

<small plug> I tackle this area specifically for UK clients, and guide them through the options. It’s a complex mess for marketers and a missing piece of thinking typically for dev’s & SEO’s.