Frustrating Trade Show Results? 19 Ways Business RadioX Delivers More Bang For Your Trade Show Buck

Last month we were in Las Vegas helping our client at HIMSS 2016. This month we’ll be in San Diego sharing the stories at a Vistage event there. In both cases our clients our leveraging our platform to tell the stories of business in their niche. And in both cases this isn’t the first time we’ve worked together. They keep coming back because we are uniquely qualified to broadcast live business radio at trade shows and conferences around the US.

If trade shows and conferences are part of your company’s marketing plan then you should check out the 19 reasons Business RadioX’s Radio In My Booth service works so well.

  1. Attract New Prospects — Invite best prospects to be interviewed in your booth about their industry expertise
  2. Nurture Existing Clients — Invite existing clients to be interviewed in your booth about their industry expertise and how you work together
  3. Serve Your Industry — Invite conference speakers, panelists and thought leaders to be interviewed in your booth to preview or recap their talk
  4. Original Content Creation Machine — Audio content can be re-purposed to work in all social media channels. From Twitter to Facebook to Linkedin to Instagram to SoundCloud to YouTube.
  5. People get writer’s block but they don’t get talker’s block. HT Seth Godin.
  6. Interviewing Busy Executives Is More Efficient Way To Capture Thought Leadership. Execs don’t have time to write articles, blog posts or white papers. And most of them don’t like to do it.
  7. Professional interviewers can capture as many as 10 pages or about 3500 words of original, topical, relevant SEO friendly re-purposeable content in 20 minutes. Even the busiest executives have 20 minutes.
  8. One strategically planned out and professionally facilitated radio interview can be repurposed into original tweets, blog posts, podcasts, videos and web pages.
  9. A couple of days Interviewing thought leaders, clients, and sales prospects at a trade show or conference can be turned into 2–3 months of original social media content.
  10. Audio can be turned into searchable digital text which helps SEO
  11. Audio can become video by adding visual elements. No lighting, syncing and production hassles. And more importantly no budget busting costs.
  12. Internet radio is hot. According to a recent Edison Research report 124 million people listen to online radio.
  13. Podcasts are hotter. Thanks Serial fro jump starting this platoform. According to Edison Research people spend almost as much time listening to podcasts as they do to AM/FM radio (25.9% vs 27.5)
  14. Smartphones are a perfect way to listen to radio and podcasts. According to TechCrunch 80% of online adults own a smartphone.
  15. Introverts and extroverts both feel comfortable being interviewed on the radio you can’t say the same thing about both of them being interviewed for video.
  16. When you interview someone in person you get to meet them face to face, shake their hand, look them in the eyes, hear their passion and form a genuine relationship — IRL.
  17. You are serving the 30% of your audience who learn best by listening.
  18. According to Apple, iTunes users listened to about 7 billion podcasts in 2014.
  19. When people listen to your content in headphones they form a deeper relationship with you because they are giving you their undivided attention and you are literally whispering in their ears.

Business RadioX amplifies the voice of business in local markets around the country by sharing unscripted stories every single day. We can also take our business talk radio shows on the road. And we are actively looking for challenger brand Sponsors who share our pro business values and want to out draw their competition at their next trade show.

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