Never, Never, Never.

What happened last night within the Labour Party was nothing short of extraordinary, but what followed in the early hours of the morning is the story that will endure. Aeons from the ‘strong and stable’ vision they put forward, by entering into an agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party, The Conservative Party have sounded their own death knell.

Forming a minority government with the DUP, Theresa May has shown her utter contempt for the British public. Relentlessly, ever since Jeremy Corbyn was catapulted to the forefront of politics in this country, and specifically these last 7 weeks, we have been fed the narrative of how Corbyn is a ‘security risk’ and a ‘terrorist sympathiser’. Lambasted for his peacekeeping work in Northern Ireland and the Middle East, few picked up on a minor narrative that was yet to form in the background.

The picture became clear as the evening progressed. It was becoming apparent that the Tories would miss out on the majority they had assumed we were ready to give them but had retained their lead in the share of seats. They were going to need some friends to push them over the line. But where were these allies going to come from?

The Chuckle Brother in happier times.

UKIP would have been a natural ally, but the party was decimated throughout the country, leaving Paul Nuttall throwing his purple rosette in the scrapheap and possibly consigning the party to the history books, no longer relevant.

Still sore from 2010, the Liberal Democrats were not be led down that garden path again. The Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party were never likely to even answer the phone due to the stark differences in ideologue. May had been left with no choice but to ally herself with the DUP or lose control to a progressive alliance.
May’s latest gamble, in a desperate effort to claw on to her premiership, is a shrug in the face of the electorate and the height of hypocrisy.

Deceased founder Ian Paisley in 1985 saying ‘Never, never, never’.

The Tories and the right-wing media take us all for fucking idiots. Do they really believe we do not have the ability to find information about the DUP’s founder Ian Paisley? And the party’s connections to the Ulster Defence Association and the Ulster Volunteer Force? Two organisations the UK government apparently recognises as terrorist organisations?

Former DUP leader Peter Robinson.

And how about their standpoint on the political compass? We now have a party that runs on an openly homophobic, anti-abortion, religiously intolerant agenda holding the balance of power in the UK.
But how long can this really last?

My guess is: not very long at all. If you watched the announcement by DUP Leader Arlene Foster, you may have noticed the shit eating grins of some stood beside her. The Lib Dems are 7 years removed from their abject performance as the moderating force to the Tory rule and they’re still feeling the pain. But unlike the Clegg and Co., for better or worse, the DUP will continue to be relevant in the Northern Irish Assembly, even if their quick-job coalition does not last. This gives them massive bargaining power both at Stormont and in Westminster.

So, why am I so fucking happy this morning? Don’t think for a second that this did not play perfectly into the hands of Jeremy Corbyn and supporters of a democratic socialist movement. Ruling out a coalition early on and with all the parties left of centre ready to support Labour on a vote-by-vote basis, Labour set down a gauntlet. They are ready to take over. Poised to strike. Leave the Tories to it. Let the DUP have their fun with an already defeated team, the cracks in the foundations are already there, the building just needs a little push.

Theresa May has proven herself to not only to be one for not turning up and backtracking, but she’s followed the Cameron tradition of gambling with our future for the sake of personal gain and has lost. Refusing to let go of the reigns only delays the inevitable. I expect we’ll be heading to the polls again before we reach 2018 and the Momentum is certainly not with her.