Agency New Business-Now We Live In A World Of Gatekeepers

A stat I’ve spoken to previously that bears repeating: 63% of agencies told us it was harder to break through to prospects in 2016 than the previous year.

The reason: where there used to be the traditional gatekeeper you had to get through to reach the decision maker, now you’re surrounded by gatekeepers. (Thanks technology!)

Think about it-you have the possibility of email going into “clutter” or junk folders, the social space becoming more crowded by the moment, making it that much harder to get your prospect’s attention and some companies doing away with voicemail.

So where does that leave your new business strategy in this world of gatekeepers?

First, outbound and inbound prospecting are alive and well, but this “world of gatekeepers” means you have to embrace every channel and use them all in concert with each other. If your email doesn’t break through this time, your LinkedIn invite will, for example.

You have to hit prospects where they live, and you don’t know where that is when you start, so you have to use as many tools as you can-strategically and with value of course.

Something else to think about: two spaces that used to be the definition of overcrowded, phone calling and snail mail, are now just the opposite.

If you’re not using mail or the phone to prospect, you’re making a mistake.

We know they work for our clients and I personally know they’re both still quite effective.

When it comes to mail, it can be as simple as a concisely worded letter, expressing your clear point of difference and personally signed. Your prospects aren’t getting many of those.

And I personally had a prospect remark to me that he rarely gets phone calls these days.

Are either of those tools going to make your job easier, hell no, driving and acquiring new business is hard, but as ever, you need to capitalize on the tools that will make you more effective and your firm a step above the competition.