Once Again

I will never stop believing in Love. 
In every form. 
I will seek it out when I have need of it
I will dream of it, 
when I want of it.
Love is what all of this is about. 
At least, 
for me.
I’ve had no heartbreak that begins to eclipse 
Those raging fires of love 
That I have experienced.
Of course it’s hard, 
of course it’s scary - 
but the feeling...oh the feeling! 
To peer into someone’s eyes and feel butterflies! 
To see myself reflected in another soul. 
To kiss trembling lips
To trace my fingertips over flesh covered in bumps raised by expectation 
To twine hair between my fingers lazily or urgently...
I will dive in, and dive again.
I will climb this cliff as many times as it takes 
I will stand indecisive and afraid at the edge
And I will question,
And I will fear, 
And I will doubt.
only to gather my courage and fling myself headlong into the water.
Once again.
This is life.
This is Love.

- William Thomas Lee Herrin

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