Writing a press release pt.1

I really enjoyed writing this. There are some formatting issues with medium, but this is essentially how it would look.


Leedham Te Kani

Belua Systems Limited



To give presentation on “Hacking attention economics”.

MAY, 14th, 2015 — Anthony Zboralski, world class hacker, security expert and CEO of tech startup Belua will be giving a presentation on “Hacking attention economics” at technology convention “Digital Shoreditch”.

Anthony Zboralski has given several lectures on security and the new “Attention economy” at venues such as TEDx Salford, Observer ideas and Nosuchcon.

Quote: Anthony describes Belua as “The first search engine and advertising platform to allow users, publishers and advertisers to share opportunities & risks”.

About Digital Shoreditch

Digital Shoreditch Festival is a two week mass-community celebration, inviting the entire world of tech, creative and all their converging industries, from around the world to East London between 11th — 24th May http://digitalshoreditch.com/

About Anthony Zboralski

Anthony Zboralski has worked as a cyber security expert for nearly 20 years. In his teens Zboralski was a hacker who used the pseudonyms ‘gaius’ and ‘kugutsumen’. Some of his activity during that time was recorded by security expert and technologist Bruce Schneier, “In 1994, a french hacker named Anthony Zboralski called the FBI office in Washington, pretending to be an FBI representative working at the U.S. embassy in Paris. He persuaded the person at the other end of the phone to explain how to connect to the FBI’s phone conferencing system.”

Since then Zboralski has turned his attention to cyber security. He has assisted governments and dozens of leading companies. He is often invited to help test security systems and find their vulnerabilities. He is founder/CEO of Belua.

About Belua systems limited

Belua Systems Limited is a Soho London based tech startup.





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